What you need to know before hiring a business coach

Like human resources, coaching has a bit of a perception problem – people think anyone can do it. What should you look for when hiring a business coach for your organisation to avoid any mistakes?

The perception that anyone can do coaching is harmful for a few reasons, says Revel Gordon, a Sydney-based globally experienced executive coach and director of the International Coach Federation (ICF) of Australasia.

Like many other professions, coaching has experienced rapid growth in the past few years. Part of this is due to it becoming a standard aspect of leadership development and team development within organisations. Asa testament to the times, many different coaching models have evolved to deal with the new normal of business: ambiguity, complexity and uncertainty. This makes it more important than ever to make sure that coaches stay current with research and best practice, says Gordon.

When engaging a coach, he says human resources leaders have a duty of care to make sure the coach has the necessary experience to keep everyone safe throughout the process, that they understand coaching confidentiality, and that they keep ethical behaviour and standards front-of-mind.

Watch the video for more information about the coaching industry, plus the two questions you should always ask when looking for a business coach.

The  2016 ICF Australasia Conference, ‘Unlocking Potential’ will be held in Surfers Paradise from 26-28 October.