At ICF Pittsburgh, we are passionate about the power of coaching to change lives, both professionally and personally. Whether a person seeks to accomplish a goal; becomes “stuck” and unable to move forward; seeks to develop self-awareness or leadership skills; or needs to navigate a transition, coaching is uniquely suited to help.


Resources for Challenging Times

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) is committed to advancing the professional practice of coaching throughout the world. Coaching is about people. It is about dialogue and understanding.

ICF denounces the unprovoked military invasion of Ukraine. As the situation continues to escalate, we reflect on our Core Values—particularly Humanity—to guide our actions, our words and our conscience. We commit to being humane, kind, compassionate and respectful toward others. Thus, we grieve for those who are suffering. We stand with all members of our community who are in turmoil. For them, and with our fellow global citizens, we pledge to do everything in our power to condemn attacks on freedom and provide support to the innocent.

We encourage coaches everywhere to express their compassion for those in distress – as long as it is safe for them to do so – in a manner that is consistent with the core values we share.

Below, we have compiled resources for ICF Members, Credential-holders, Chapter Leaders, and members of the ICF community at-large. You will also find our statement supporting a peaceful solution in Ukraine.

ICF Statement Supporting a Peaceful Solution in Ukraine

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) condemns in the strongest possible terms any military aggression that is unprovoked and unjustified. As an organization, our Core Values support the importance of a humane, equitable society that is respectful towards others, deploring the loss of life and human suffering.

Humanitarian Aid Opportunities

For more information on organizations asking for assistance to help alleviate a growing humanitarian crisis in Ukraine see link below.. We encourage you to support if and how you feel compelled.



The Education and Programming Committee strives to schedule programs that meet the needs of our diverse community. Please note that the available CCE’s for each program are dependent upon program length and content. The CCE’s for either Core Competencies and/or Resource are determined by ICF Global. Specifics regarding CCE’s requirements for ICF recertification can be found by clicking here.