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Build Your Coaching Business by Embracing the Future of Coaching Now

If you really want to build your coaching business you must accept that time for the thriving coaching generalist is over.  Differentiate or die is your wakeup call. The future belongs to coaches who are willing to vulnerably align with and boldly express their core individuality so that they offer prospective clients a radically distinctive […]

How Coaches Spend Their Time: A White Paper for Coaches

Beyond the actual coaching session, there are many additional tasks that coaches carry out in order to maintain a successful coaching practice, such as marketing, operational and administrative duties. How do you spend your time outside of coaching sessions? Are you focusing on the same tasks that your colleagues do? The International Coach Federation looked […]

What you need to know before hiring a business coach

Like human resources, coaching has a bit of a perception problem – people think anyone can do it. What should you look for when hiring a business coach for your organisation to avoid any mistakes? The perception that anyone can do coaching is harmful for a few reasons, says Revel Gordon, a Sydney-based globally experienced executive coach and director […]