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How Coaches Spend Their Time: A White Paper for Coaches

Beyond the actual coaching session, there are many additional tasks that coaches carry out in order to maintain a successful coaching practice, such as marketing, operational and administrative duties. How do you spend your time outside of coaching sessions? Are you focusing on the same tasks that your colleagues do? The International Coach Federation looked […]

What you need to know before hiring a business coach

Like human resources, coaching has a bit of a perception problem – people think anyone can do it. What should you look for when hiring a business coach for your organisation to avoid any mistakes? The perception that anyone can do coaching is harmful for a few reasons, says Revel Gordon, a Sydney-based globally experienced executive coach and director […]

7 Simple Steps to Transform Your Prospects into Clients!

One of the biggest struggles coaches face is getting clients. It’s all too easy to fall into the trap of trying to TELL or SELL coaching instead of asking questions to help your prospects understand what they’re looking for—and then letting them sell coaching to themselves! Here are 7 Coach-like Steps to Turn Your Prospects […]

2016 ICF Global Coaching Study

The coaching profession grows and evolves daily, creating new opportunities for professional coaches and new challenges to overcome. The 2016 ICF Global Coaching Study, based on a 2015 survey commissioned by ICF and conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, uses information and insights from more than 15,000 professional coach practitioners and managers and leaders who use coaching skills […]

Beginner’s Mind: Coaching With A New Point Of View

I love this message: “Being as curious as a two-year-old about why clients behave as they do is one of a good coach’s greatest gifts. Boundless curiosity helps both coaches and clients drill down until they reach bedrock.”  (Source:  Adaptive Coaching:  The Art and Practice of a Client-Centred Approach to Performance Improvement” by Jess R. […]

Giving the gift of coaching.

The Gift of Coaching Awards program celebrates ICF Chapters with impactful pro bono coaching initiatives that make a difference in their communities and in the world. The ICF Foundation’s Gift of Coaching Initiative launched in 2012 as a means of connecting nonprofit leaders with pro bono professional coaching services. The Gift of Coaching Awards program […]

5 Tips for Delivering Tough Feedback that Fuels Performance

The ability to give tough feedback ranks as one of the most important and difficult of leadership skills. Before we go on, let’s define “tough feedback.” Many think tough feedback is always negative, like bad news. It implies the recipient has messed up or done something wrong. That’s not necessarily true. Tough by definition is […]

How have YOU benefited from being part of ICF Pittsburgh?

This week I was asked “How have you benefited from being part of ICF Pittsburgh?”  As I thought back over the past five years, I had a George Bailey-esque moment (a la It’s A Wonderful Life)….(cue strumming harp music)…what would my life and business have been like if I hadn’t joined ICF Pittsburgh?  The image […]

Build Your Coaching Business by Embracing the Future of Coaching Now

By Tom Volkar If you really want to build your coaching business you must accept that time for the thriving coaching generalist is over.  Differentiate or die is your wakeup call. The future belongs to coaches who are willing to vulnerably align with and boldly express their core individuality so that they offer prospective clients […]