Joining one of our committees is a fantastic way to deepen your engagement and contribute to our chapter. Here are some reasons to consider volunteering:

  1. Impact: By joining a committee, you become an active participant in shaping our organization’s direction. Your contributions can directly impact decisions, initiatives, and further advance our mission and outcomes.
  2. Collaboration and Networking: Committees provide a platform to collaborate with like-minded individuals who share their interests. You’ll have the chance to network, exchange ideas, and foster a supportive and inclusive environment.
  3. Skill Development: Committee involvement allows you to hone your skills in specific areas. Whether it’s event planning, communication, finance, or project management, you’ll gain valuable experience.
  4. Leadership Opportunities: Serving on a committee provides a stepping stone for leadership roles within the Board. It’s a chance to demonstrate your commitment and capabilities.

Each committee has its unique focus—whether it’s organizing events, enriching our member experience, supporting new coaches on their path to certification, or marketing our brand in the business community—you will be contributing to the greater good.

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So, explore the options, find a committee aligned with your interests, and seize this opportunity to make a difference!


The Credentialing Committee is responsible for creating a more connected progressional pathway and networks for coaching in the region. This is performed by building partner alliances with coach education programs and educating and supporting members through ICF’s credentialing process. 

Time commitment- the Credentialing Committee meets once a month for one hour. Respond to emails, create ideas around credentialing support and education. Total time- 2 hours/month.

Marketing & Communications

The Marketing & Communications committee is responsible for managing the publications, marketing, advertising, public relations, community outreach and advocacy efforts of the Pittsburgh ICF Chapter. This includes review of the chapter website, social media platforms, and marketing efforts.

Time commitment- the Marketing & Communications Committee meets once a month for one hour. Respond to emails, review materials and social media platforms, create ideas around effective ways of marketing and showcasing the Pittsburgh chapter. Total time- 2 hours/month


The Membership Committee is responsible for providing direction and leadership for the Chapter’s membership program. Goals are to retain and increase ICF-P membership, recognize members, and enhance the membership experience. Also to ensure the promotion of ICF Chapter Award and Scholarship programs to chapter members.

Time commitment: the Membership Committee meets once a month for one hour. Respond to emails, meet with new members, create ideas around the membership experience and create new ways to increase membership. Total time- 2 hours/month.

Programs & Events

The Events Committee is responsible for developing, implementing, and managing an annual education and networking plan for the Pittsburgh Chapter. Focus is on monthly programs, professional development and special educational projects and events particularly around International Coaches Week. 

Time commitment- The Events Committee meets up to twice a month for one hour. Respond to emails, research and contact speakers, research venues, create communication around events and review other chapters’ events. Total time- 3 hours/month.

Sponsorships & Partnerships

The Sponsorship & Partnerships Committee is responsible for developing and implementing an external relations strategy. The committee connects with, presents at, and builds relationships with outside organizations, business leaders, and associations to bring greater attention to the work of the chapter and to the coaching profession. Seeks paid sponsors and enhances the sponsorship experience, solicits sponsors for events, locates and works with non-profit groups to provide pro-bono coaching experiences for our coaches.

Time commitment- The Sponsorship and Partnerships Committee meets once a month for one hour. Respond to emails, evaluate current sponsorship levels, seek partnerships and sponsorships, seek and manage pro-bono coaching opportunities. Total time- 2 hours/month.