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MRAC – Generative Knowledge: Unleashing Hidden Resources for Change

March 17, 2021 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Participants will earn .75 Core Competency and .25 Resource Development CCEs for attending this webinar.

In any given moment, human beings can process up to 11 million stimuli but we are only conscious of about 40. Thus, as we go through life, juggling competing demands and addressing daily challenges, we are naturally developing a vast reservoir of skills, strengths and capacities that exist completely outside of our awareness. This hidden dynamic generates what’s referred to as tacit and embodied knowledge, essential “know-how” that shapes who we are and everything we do – we just don’t know it. Research shows this essential knowledge cannot be reached through typical methods of reflection. Traditional modes of inquiry that focus on what we think or how feel cannot reach it. We need a different approach. Furthermore, the hidden nature of embodied knowledge creates a formidable split between our conscious beliefs, and our unconscious (embodied) insights, skills and capacities. Thus, what we believe to be true about ourselves is often wrong. This disconnection creates varying degrees of confusion, stress and fragmentation as well as tremendous losses in purpose and productivity. To address this gap we must learn how to ask questions that surface this hidden knowledge. For example, when we ask children “what did you learn at school today?” their most common response is “nothing.” The problem lies in the question; it’s what’s called a “disembodied” prompt – it literally hides the embodied knowledge (the body of knowledge) people gain from their life experience. When we ask disembodied questions (the kinds of questions we most typically ask), people struggle to have a meaningful response. In this interactive session, Dr. Peet will introduce participants to several methods she developed through her research at the University of Michigan that are effective in surfacing the hidden resources people need to create change in their life. These resources are called Generative Knowledge, a sub-type of embodied knowledge. She will introduce key concepts and facilitate a series of exercises that will allow participants to start identifying the vast hidden resources they’ve already developed through their life experiences.

Through this interactive session, participants will:
1. Discover the embodied realm of intelligence that is essential to wholeness and regeneration and yet entirely hidden from view;
2. Distinguish between embodied and disembodied communication;
3. Learn how to ask embodied questions that surface hidden sources of strength;
4. Identify hidden resources for change within oneself and others;
5. Discuss how to apply these tools and resources to their own coaching practices.

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March 17, 2021
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm


MRAC Webinar