Donna Fredericks Dobbs

Donna is a professionally certified life coach and consultant with a passion for helping people identify and maximize their strengths in order to live well, work well, and love well. Donna’s training and experience give her a unique perspective and holistic approach to personal and organizational growth, emphasizing the role that each individual plays in creating a relational culture where people and companies thrive. She has assisted numerous couples in healing their relationships and creating a more loving and constructive path forward.

Donna has also used her degree in Organizational Communication to serve a variety of organizations in both the private and public sectors: Kelly Assisted Living Services, Albuquerque Literacy Program, and Beaver County Christian School, among others. Her work with Family Guidance, Inc., however, is where she discovered a love for helping people develop skills for healthy, fulfilling relationships. She is a certified Prepare/Enrich Facilitator, a LOVETHINKS Program instructor and a Deacon in her church. Donna’s specialty is helping people and organizations get “unstuck” and create forward momentum for growth and flourishing.

C: Rivertree Coaching and Consulting
A: Beaver, PA 15009
C: 724-630-1441