Marjorie Sellers

Marge works with clients who want to overcome obstacles, determine their most desirable outcomes, then implement practical steps to achieve their goals.

A paralegal and former business manager, Marge knows how to tackle seemingly insurmountable problems, whether procedural or relational.  Clients say that Marge offers a safe atmosphere where they can examine different perspectives and explore potential outcomes before they make decisions. Marge is authorized to use Art of Courage© materials that offer a more intense coaching experience that unearths your courage and strengths, enabling you to move beyond indecision and fear to make positive steps toward your desired objective.

Marge believes that when you’re confident in who you are and what you value, the unknown becomes merely the not-yet-experienced.

C: Unearthing Your Significance
A: Pittsburgh, PA 15202
C: 412-855-1810
E: [email protected]