Jessica Kuna Pan, PC

Jessica is the Founder and Chief Creative Officer of The Panoramic Perspective, an evidence-based coaching practice dedicated to nurturing the growth of curious minds, creatives, and change-makers. Her coaching spans life, career, and executive realms, with a holistic focus on the whole person—integrating mindfulness and self-autonomy tools for creative problem-solving. She is particularly drawn to supporting those who are ever-blooming, ever-growing, and interested in developing a profound relationship with their innermost wise self.

For entrepreneurs, Jessica’s practice offers a resource to develop a soul-aligned brand. With a decade of sales and marketing leadership experience in SaaS startups, she excels at authentic brand positioning and selling in competitive markets. She guides clients in merging creative insight with strategic direction to magnify their unique brand voice and help it shine brilliantly.

The Panoramic Perspective is a sacred space where a client’s most wise, creative self is welcomed with open arms. Like herself, many of her clients are Perennials—passionate explorers who are continually pushing up against their growth edges, embracing curiosity, and reinventing themselves as needed. Her coaching style is creative, collaborative, globally-minded, and rooted in pure love.

C: The Panoramic Perspective, LLC
A: Pittsburgh, PA 15216
C: 412-804-1831
E: [email protected]