How have YOU benefited from being part of ICF Pittsburgh?

This week I was asked “How have you benefited from being part of ICF Pittsburgh?”  As I thought back over the past five years, I had a George Bailey-esque moment (a la It’s A Wonderful Life)….(cue strumming harp music)…what would my life and business have been like if I hadn’t joined ICF Pittsburgh?  The image that flashed through my head was full of familiar faces.

Without ICF Pittsburgh, I would not…

  • Have valued relationships with other coaches, many of whom have become friends as well.
  • Be part of a community that is collectively increasing the value of coaching in our region.
  • Have walked through doors opened for public speaking, meeting key contacts, peer coaching and yes, new business.
  • Be a valuable referral resource to my network and clients.
  • Have learned about coaching and business from talented and wise program speakers and pee
  • Have received leads through being a Premier Partner and being listed on Find A Coach

Below are some of the specific personal and professional benefits I have received through my affiliation with ICF Pittsburgh.

2010-11 – Attended my first ICF Pittsburgh meeting where David Goldman, Chris Posti and Bill Weil shared their wisdom as a panel.  Received support from more than a dozen local coaches who met with me one-on-one for coffee, as I built knowledge and confidence to transition from corporate America to my own business.

2012 – Established a mastermind group as part of Sam Wieder’s Program on “Mastermind Magic” The group still meets 9-10 times per year and has provided feedback, coaching and accountability that have led to revenue.  Co-chaired Coaching Works Event at PNC Park with Bette Novak.

2013  – Delivered a workshop at the Pittsburgh Human Resources Association Conference with Jan Sabatine and Jane Patterson Abbate. Joined the board.  Became a better business owner after attending the Mark LeBlanc program on “Growing Your Small Business.”

2014 – Spoke at the Vibrant Pittsburgh Conference with Anne Papinchak and Eric Kulikowski.  Was able to refer 2 ICF Pittsburgh coaches to a client who hired them for multi-coachee gigs.  Became a Premier Partner on the ICF Pittsburgh Website.

2015 – Gave and received coaching for several months with another local coach – we are now referral partners. Served with Jan Ferri-Reed, Alyson Lyon, John Porcari, and others as a panelist at the November meeting.

I realize that each of us has a different take on this question.  What is YOUR answer to the question “How have I benefited from being part of ICF Pittsburgh?” And what else would you like to give to and receive from our chapter?  Let me know at [email protected] , call me at 724-612-5235 or fill out the form below with your answer.

I want to hear from you! See below a few of the responses I have received thus far.

How have I benefited from being part of ICF Pittsburgh?:

“I’ve gotten so much out of my membership this year. The Mark LeBlanc workshop was invaluable in helping me transition my brand and build out my business plan and marketing strategy. While at the workshop, I made several new contacts, including connecting with Bonnie Budzowski about writing a book, which is now underway. Finally, I started working with two new clients from my profile posting. How’s that for a return on the investment?!”

What else would you like to give to and receive from our chapter?:
“I would be delighted to do a presentation or webinar for the group, perhaps something about coaching across difference (age, race, gender etc) or about life design (creating structures for living in alignment with one’s essential self). I hope to continue to benefit for the great thought partnership and supportive community that ICF Pittsburgh provides. Even though I can’t attend meetings very often, I am bolstered by the knowledge that there are so many great resources at the ready, when I am able!”

Lauren Lambrecht

How have I benefited from being part of ICF Pittsburgh?:

“ICF-Pittsburgh meetings offer a wonderful atmosphere of personal and professional support. It is almost like being a part of an inspiring mastermind group whenever we get together. Aside from the ideas and inspiration I’ve gained to support the success of my coaching practice, I appreciate the opportunity to associate with a group of professionals who are so committed to making a positive difference in the world.”

 Sam Wieder


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