Kieran M. Diorio

Pittsburgh Premier Partner

Kieran focuses his coaching in the areas of Career, Relationships, and Personal Development. His specialty is in working with Dads who want the best from their role and their relationships with their children, spouses, co-parents, and themselves.  For more detail please visit

C: Point A – Coaching and Consulting
A: Greensburg, PA
O: 724-331-9263
C: 724-331-9263

Susan Lieber, CAOC, PCC

Pittsburgh Premier Partner

Susan is a Certified ADHD Organizer Coach who specializes in working with ADHD adults in their business, professional, and personal life, as well as college students. She has been dedicated to helping individuals unravel the mysteries of living with ADHD since her adult sons were diagnosed as young children. By discovering new perspectives, incorporating personalized strategies and gaining a deeper appreciation of their personal strengths, clients are empowered to lead a fulfilling and productive life.

C: Leave It To Lieber 
P: (412) 967-9567
PO Box 38231, Pittsburgh, PA

Fortino Rigano

Pittsburgh Premier Partner

Tino has deemed himself a “Masculinity Coach”. With research in masculine and feminine energies, Tino’s main focus is to help men step into their masculine and create total freedom in their lives; realizing what it means to be an authentic man. Tino assists his clients to craft the life they want with autonomy instead of living a life someone else wants them to live – categories include: Relationships, Fitness, Inner Peace, Social skills, Finding your purpose and much more! The life you have always dreamed of is waiting for you.

C: The Sophisticated Man
C: 412-420-4124
A: Finlevyille, PA

Sherri Williams, MSEd, LPC, NCC, BCC

Pittsburgh Premier Partner

Coach with professional counseling background and experience to help you make more loving choices for yourself, one another, your family, and/or your business and community. Blessings for the journey! Background includes Master in Accounting, formerly CPA and CFO in business, business owner, Master in Marriage & Family Therapy, and Board Certified Coach. Right- and left-brained!

C: Sherri Williams MSEd, LPC, NCC, BCC
P: (412) 512-3135
A:Pittsburgh, PA 15212


Diane Bickford, PCC

TriVantage Development is creating a stronger world by partnering with organizations and individuals to increase awareness, resilience and success! Diane’s expertise is in human dynamics, and she has over 30 years of leadership and 10 years of professional coaching. Diane uses her strengths of responsiveness, organization and emotional intelligence to provide excellent coaching, training and consulting services for clients. She is highly skilled at “laser focused” short-term coaching and ensures busy professionals’ time is will spent!

C: TriVantage Development
A: Valencia, PA 16059
O: 412-389-1843
C: 412-389-1843




Seth Bush

I’m a coach for purpose-driven changemakers — people who see the world as it is, see the world as it could be, and are called to bridge the gap with their unique skills. I support individuals and teams to tap into a lasting inner fortitude and give fully of themselves in a way that’s authentic and easeful.

C: Radical Support Collective
A: Swissvale, PA 15218
C: 267-474-3488

Antonio (Tony) Calaf

My coaching is directed to leadership and how to discover your leadership skills for everything in everything that you do. Finding the best in you in service to others is the objective. Developing High Performance Team is th ultimate leadership goal.
I have been in management for over 45 years in several management and executive positions. This includes an entrepreneurial experience on a journey of “ideation” (Business plan) to an ongoing concern.

A: Wexford, PA 15090
C: 412-897-9216



Amy Camp

The Dalai Lama has quipped, “If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.” My nature-based coaching emboldens clients to make the difference they’ve always dreamed of making. Sessions can be held outside on Pittsburgh area trails or by Skype or phone. Certification via Duquesne University.

C: Cycle Forward
A: Pittsburgh, PA 15218
O: 412-918-6563


Judith DePalma

A writing coach, Dr. Judy DePalma focuses on helping people in clinical and academic settings publish and on enabling doctoral students at dissertation to deal with perceived obstacles and complete the process. She also works with people who are struggling to write papers as part of their employment responsibilities.

C: JA DePalma Consulting
A: Pittsburgh, PA 15241
O/C: 412-498-5417

Donna Fredericks Dobbs

Donna is a professionally certified life coach and consultant with a passion for helping people identify and maximize their strengths in order to live well, work well, and love well. Donna’s training and experience give her a unique perspective and holistic approach to personal and organizational growth, emphasizing the role that each individual plays in creating a relational culture where people and companies thrive. She has assisted numerous couples in healing their relationships and creating a more loving and constructive path forward.

Donna has also used her degree in Organizational Communication to serve a variety of organizations in both the private and public sectors: Kelly Assisted Living Services, Albuquerque Literacy Program, and Beaver County Christian School, among others. Her work with Family Guidance, Inc., however, is where she discovered a love for helping people develop skills for healthy, fulfilling relationships. She is a certified Prepare/Enrich Facilitator, a LOVETHINKS Program instructor and a Deacon in her church. Donna’s specialty is helping people and organizations get “unstuck” and create forward momentum for growth and flourishing.

C: Rivertree Coaching and Consulting
A: Beaver, PA 15009
C: 724-630-1441