Susan Lieber, CAOC, PCC

Pittsburgh Premier Partner

Susan Lieber is a Certified ADHD Organizer Coach and Professional Certified Coach who works with college and graduate students, professionals, and adults who want to manage the demands of daily life and feel good about themselves. Through coaching, clients come to realize that living with ADHD involves acquiring knowledge, gaining awareness, exploring alternative perspectives, and finessing their strengths to lead a productive, meaningful, and rewarding life.

C: Leave It To Lieber, LLC
C: 412-967-9567
E: [email protected]

Fortino Rigano

Pittsburgh Premier Partner

Tino has deemed himself a “Masculinity Coach”. With research in masculine and feminine energies, Tino’s main focus is to help men step into their masculine and create total freedom in their lives; realizing what it means to be an authentic man. Tino assists his clients to craft the life they want with autonomy instead of living a life someone else wants them to live – categories include: Relationships, Fitness, Inner Peace, Social skills, Finding your purpose and much more! The life you have always dreamed of is waiting for you.

C: The Sophisticated Man
C: 412-420-4124
A: Finlevyille, PA
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Rosemary Hanrahan, MD, MPH, ACC

As a certified professional coach, author, nonprofit advocate, and physician, Rosemary Hanrahan, brings her coaching expertise to professionals and organizations in the academic, healthcare and nonprofit sectors. She is the owner and founder of Beyond Words Wellness Resources, LLC. She encourages clients to define their mission, vision, values and goals and develop personal and professional strategies to remain engaged, passionate and productive in their chosen profession and create a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.

Rosemary also leads workshops for community groups and nonprofit organizations on topics such as cultivating caregiver resilience, creating a wellness compass, and coaching practice evaluation.

Rosemary earned her MD and MPH degrees from the University of Pittsburgh, and is a recent graduate of Duquesne University’s Professional Coaching and ADAPT Career Coaching Programs. She serves on several nonprofit boards including ICF Pittsburgh.

C: Beyond Words Wellness Resources
A: Gibsonia, PA 15044
O: 412-389-1575
E: [email protected]


Sherri Williams MSEd BCC

Helping people make loving choices through the development of compassion for oneself and others is my life’s work. As a Board Certified Coach, credentialed by the Center for Credentialing and Education, I offer coaching services for those interested in non-medical services designed to help you reach your goals regarding:

*Acceptance & Peace
*Mindfulness, Meditation, & Spirituality
*Authenticity & Compassion
*Improved Communications
*Motivation & Meaning
*Wellness & Recovery
*Marriage Preparation & Coupling

A: Pittsburgh, PA 15201
P: (412) 512-3135
E: [email protected]